100 Best Free Fire Quotes

Have your best expressions ready before jumping back into the arena to face the rest of the players with these 100 Best Free Fire Quotes.

In this video game of the Battle Royale type, each game represents an opportunity to beat the rest of the competitors with the use of items, weapons and strategies, managing to be the winner of the contest, because if anything characterizes Free-Fire is the level of competition that is handled.

Descriptions for copying Free-Fire


One of the best places to show off your skills is with a concrete but forceful message in the profile that generates fear among the other players. You can copy and paste from space without any problem.

Did I scare you so much that you came here?
I help to lower the rank.
What happened? You were supposed to make me jealous, not sorry.
Did it hurt that I killed you enough for you to come and look at my profile?
My mom’s cable hits harder than your MP40.
We have the same blood, not the same level.
The only red ones are from my ping.
Is your name is Jorge or why so curious?
You are far from having this talent.
I never had a Master and never will.
More clothes than me, but never my level.
Not even the sun burns as many vests as you do.
I hope you find what you are looking for.
Another fan visiting me.
Sometimes you have to descend to fly higher.
I was hurt more by my ex than by you.
Fight with a cool mind and a burning heart.
If you can’t stand the long one, what will become of the short one?
It’s not my fault that you are envious when you see my profile.
Nobody tames the tamer.
I won’t be able to lower your moon, but I will be able to lower your rank.
You will never have my level.
As a child I dreamed of flying and today I am getting off the plane.
You talk, you talk and you only damage the vest.
Another dead person looking at my profile.

Epic phrases and descriptions Free fire

Every game won is accompanied by unforgettable phrases by the winner that leave a mark on the moment.   

Before criticizing me, try to outdo me.
It is better to die standing than to live kneeling.
Specialist in burning vest.
I had no plans to be a father, but I played Free Fire.
We are unhealthy.
Gift me the pass.
Giving up on a game is not on my mind until I die.
Let’s go baby.
Activated – burning vests.
You were wrong, this is not the lobby.
I’m your favorite serie, but without a happy ending.
What you do in 24 hours, I do in one hour.
I beat you with the internet off.
The MP40 speaks for me.
Did you miss something or what?
You are Pro… Prone to die.
Gifts and refills are accepted.
We come from the bottom up.
Sorry Mario, but the princess is in another castle.
First beat me in PVP, then we’ll play.
If you see me run, I would do the same.
Play and let play.
Man chooses, the slave obeys.
They want to do with a dual vector what they can’t do with an MP40.
Die in my nightmares, I will live in yours.

Phrases for duo or couple


Among so many matches, you can also find the ideal couple. And what better than to place a phrase dedicated to her and describing your love?

If you’re going to play with me, it should be Free Fire.
How nice to wake up and see a message from you asking: “Shall we play?
How fortunate that you are my duo!
Shall we camp together?
Come with me, or are you afraid of success?
You are the Gloo wall that always takes care of me.
You are the perfect person at the wrong distance.
Just the way you handle it, I love you.
I want more lives to stay by your side.
Addicted to Free and the girl I like.
When I see you my ping goes up and you cause lag in my vocabulary.
I want to be your little bot.
Do you want to fool around with me?
Thank you for coming into my life.
I would pause my game for you.
The FPS speed of my heart speeds up when I see you.
I will always take care of you.
You are my emergency kit to keep on living.
Mood: Looking forward to being by your side.
Playing is better since you are with me.
You owe me a kiss for every game won.
Thank you for crossing in my path.
I spend the most beautiful hours with you.
My greatest achievement unlocked is you.
You are my favorite Free Fire match.

Descriptions for after a Toxic PVP

After proving that we are the best in the arena by winning a PVP, it is important to have a list of phrases in which it is clear who is the leader of the game.

PVPs are no longer accepted because I have many children.
When you put up with me, let me know.
Don’t ask for PVP, I’m too young to have children.
Wow! You almost made me play for real.
What about your mouth? Ah, I closed it.
One question, was the PVP against you and the area?
Don’t worry, you’re still my favorite son.
The dead do not speak.
The first zone is lower.
Thanks for the clips.
Was it PVP? I saw you playing hide and seek.
I made you the law of 7-5.
You’re good, I almost use both hands.
Were you sleepy? Because you were lying on the floor sleeping.
And the 7-0 that you were going to leave me?
Were you playing or did you get out? Because I didn’t notice the difference between you and a bot.
Was it valid to shoot?
You were just 6 rounds short of beating me.
A mine deals more damage than you do.
Don’t bark if you’re not going to bite.
Better buy yourself some hands.
I entered a PVP, not a training.
Don’t worry if you beat me to a room, parents spoil their children.
I was about to take clips, but you looked like a classics bot.
You last longer buying weapons than in PVP.
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