100 Sweet & Cute Nicknames for Boyfriends

A key point in any new romantic relationship is to give your boyfriend a nickname. When you come up with a nickname to give your boyfriend, that name you choose should be endearing and a reflection of your love and mutual understanding. When you give your boyfriend nicknames, there is something incredibly intimate because anyone can call your partner by his name, but only you can call him by his nickname. In fact, a clear indicator that you’re in trouble is when your partner calls you by your first name.

Even if you don’t dare to call your boyfriend “Hot Pants” in front of his boss, or if your guy is about to faint when you call him “Prince” or “sir-loves-a-lot” when his friends are around, nicknames will not fail to win him over and that’s why here, at Procrastina Fácil, we bring you a unique list of the best nicknames for your boyfriend, so you can help him keep loving you and falling in love with you for a long time. Let’s get started with our 100 best nicknames for boyfriends:

Super sweet nicknames for your boyfriend

Best English Nicknames for Boyfriends.
“Love of my life” is one of the best romantic nicknames for your boyfriend, never stop killing him with love! Courtesy: Pixabay
1. Darling: This legendary nickname for your boyfriend is ideal for those relationships that are already consolidated.
2. Boo bear: In those moments of intimacy, take the opportunity to give this nickname to the sweetest and most loving person in your life.
3. Baby: Another classic nickname that makes him melt every time you say it.
4. Sunshine: If your man radiates warmth and love, try this beautiful nickname!
5. Baby face: This nickname is great if you can’t help but notice how attractive his “baby face” is.
6. Hunk-a-lunk: This cute nickname for your boyfriend will give your relationship a silly and playful vibe.
7. Prince: Let your boyfriend know he is the prince of your heart.
8. PIC: The acronym for “Partner in crime”.
9. Love of my life: Ideal to rekindle the passion between you and your boyfriend.
10. Pookie: Is a cross between a teddy bear and a cookie, what could be cuddlier than that.
11. Snuggles: If your boy loves to cuddle up in your arms, he will like this cute name!
12. Honey: Say sweetness to your boyfriend to make him melt with love.
13. Lovey: The best caring boyfriend deserves this nickname.
14. Pooh bear: Is your guy acting like a silly old bear? If the answer is “yes,” give this cute name a try.
15. Wonderboy: You think your boyfriend is the eighth wonder of the universe! This nickname is perfectly appropriate.
16. Cookie Kiss: Are your boyfriend’s kisses sweeter than chocolate chips? If the answer is “yes,” try this nickname on him the next time you see him.
17. Peanut: This cute nickname is ideal if your boyfriend is the perfect snack.
18. Honey bunny: This beautiful name is perfect for a sweet and loving man.
19. Squishy: If you saw Looking for Dory you will understand this analogy.
20. Bubba: If your boyfriend is like a bear plus a dash of sweet icing, this classic nickname may be just right for him!
21. Goober: This cute nickname for your boyfriend will bring out the fun and wacky side of your relationship.
22. My other half: Let your boyfriend know that he is your perfect match.
23. Jellybean: If your boyfriend is nothing more than a sugary delight, try this nickname.
24. Teddy bear: If your boyfriend is a master at keeping your nightmares at bay, try this cute name on him and see how he reacts.
25. Sweet check: Stop there! Guardian of my dreams.

More casual nicknames for your boyfriend

26. Champ: If your boyfriend is the champion of your heart, this nickname is perfect for him.
27. Wild thing: Especially for that boyfriend who has a hard time bathing.
28. Good Lookin’: Used when your boyfriend is your lucky charm.
29. Superstar: If the love of your life is destined for the big lights of Hollywood, call him or him by this sweet name.
30. Light of my life: What better nickname for your boyfriend than the light that accompanies your path.
31. Sweetheart: Because he makes you feel like every day is Valentine’s Day by his side.
32. Honey pot: And you are his Winnie the Pooh.
33. Love Bug: Makes you speechless.
34. Cupcake: If your boyfriend’s kisses are sweet and honeyed like a cupcake, this is the best nickname for him.
35. McDreamy: Tell him that when you want to study his “anatomy”.
36. Chicken butt: Especially for your thin boyfriend with a “little butt”.
37. Eye Candy: For the most flattering nickname, call your boyfriend this cute nickname!
38. Firecracker: Did sparks fly the first time you saw each other? If so, call your boyfriend by this funny nickname.
39. Spice guy: If your boyfriend is both muscular and comical, this nickname will fit him perfectly.
40. Hercules: What better way to appreciate your guy’s biceps than with this nickname.
41. Doll face: Let your boyfriend know you love his smooth, soft face.
42. Favorite: If you already know that your boyfriend is the one for the rest of your life, this nickname is sure to make him smile.
43. Potato Cakes: This cute nickname is perfect if your boyfriend likes you as much and as crunchy as some delicious french fries.
44. Baby boy: This is the nickname Beyonce uses for her beloved love Jay-Z. Why can’t you use it?
45. Muffin: Another baked goody… Like your boyfriend’s skin.
46. Goober: Just because you’re engaged to your boyfriend doesn’t mean you can’t renew your passion with him every day.
47. Meatball: This adorable nickname is perfect for any guy who loves a good old-fashioned plate of spaghetti.
48. Cutie patootie: It is a fresh, carefree, funny nickname and will make them feel special.
49. Mr. 501: In case your boyfriend is bald like Pitbull.
50. Dimple: If your boyfriend’s dimples are simply irresistible, try this cute nickname for him!

Sensual nicknames for your boyfriend

Nicknames for that special someone.
Rekindle that fire, that passion with your boyfriend with a cool nickname, how about ‘my hottie’? Courtesy: Pixabay
51. Dude: Nothing more dissuasive than calling the guy who helps you with sex.
52. Playboy: Are you ready to play with that bad bunny?
53. Hot cake: Because he’s the guy who warms up your whole body.
54. Casanova: If your guy is a full-time lover, try this nickname and see how he likes it.
55. Boy toy: Great for your muscle-bound, party-loving lover.
56. Hottie: Every time you get close to him, you make your guy light up.
57. Big guy: Ideal for your boy who is so big that he carries you like a small piece of paper.
58. Macho man: When your boyfriend has that alpha male look that drives you so crazy.
59. Cowboy: This nickname is great for that boyfriend who loves to guard you in bed.
60. Hot pants: This nickname is the best when you want your boyfriend’s pants to come “on fire” off his body.
61. Big Mac: If your relationship with your boyfriend makes you say “I love it”, try this nickname for your favorite man.
62. Romeo: Hey, he was a romantic guy! Forget about the last part of this play.
63. Snickers: When you eat him, it tastes so sweet and tasty that you can’t stop eating it.
64. Tiger: Tell your boyfriend this nickname when you want him to be a beast (but in bed!).
65. Firecracker: Like fireworks in Time Square, it’s an explosion of love when you’re with him.
66. Sweetie: When the cheeks, and not just the cheeks of your face, are very soft.
67. Maverick: If your guy is a free and independent thinker and also a great lover, this cute nickname will be the perfect match.
68. Butter biscuit: You melt like a butter cookie when you see it.
69. Warrior: All Game of Thrones fans know why this is a perfect nickname for any Khaleesi.
70. Prince Charming:  You have a fairy tale romance, right? Make your boyfriend feel it with this nickname.

Other nicknames for your boyfriend

71. My beloved78. Blue Eyes
72. Sir-loves-a-lot79. Stallion
73. Superman80. Viking
74. Heart breaker81. Angel Body
75. Wookie82. Mr. Sexy Bottoms
76. My hero83. All-Star
77. Ranger handsome84. Love dove
85. Tinder babe93. Huggy bear
86. Lover boy94. Gummy bear
87. Foot Fairy95. Muscles
88. Gorgeous96. My captain
89. Zaddy97. He-man
90. Big boss98. Sugar pie
91. Hubby Wubby99. Big bear
92. Caramel Pie100. Enormous man

We are sure that with these fantastic nicknames for your boyfriend he will fall at your feet regardless of the status of your relationship.

Do you think we forgot any nicknames in our list of the 100 best nicknames for your boyfriend? If so, let us know in the comments so we can include it.

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