100 Palabras que riman en Inglés

Las palabras que riman en inglés, al igual que en otros idiomas, son un elemento fundamental en la poesía, la música y la expresión artística en general. La rima es una técnica literaria que implica la repetición de sonidos similares al final de las palabras en un verso o estrofa. En este artículo te mostramos 100 Palabras que riman en Inglés y que te pueden ser muy útiles.

Ejemplo de contrato en inglés (Con traducción)

Palabras que riman en Inglés

Love “Love is the most powerful force in the universe.”
Dove “A white dove soared gracefully through the sky.”
Above “The stars shine brightly above us at night.”
Glove “He put on his leather glove to keep his hand warm.”
Shove “Please don’t shove me; I’ll go in line.”
Of “The wonders of nature are endless.”
Above “The painting hung above the fireplace.”
Olive “She enjoys a Greek salad with olives.”
Behove “It would behove you to study for the test.”
Move “I can’t move this heavy furniture by myself.”
Groove “The music had a catchy groove that made everyone dance.”
Solve “Let’s work together to solve this problem.”
Revolve “The Earth takes 365 days to revolve around the sun.”
Absolve “He hoped to absolve himself of guilt.”
Involves “The project involves a lot of research.”
Evolve “Over time, species can evolve to adapt to their environment.”
Dissolve “The sugar will dissolve in hot water.”
Resolve “I am determined to resolve this conflict peacefully.”
Solve “She was able to solve the puzzle quickly.”
Devolve “As power devolves to the local level, communities have more say.”
Gold “The Olympic champion won a gold medal.”
Bold “She made a bold fashion statement with her outfit.”
Hold “Please hold my hand as we cross the street.”
Sold “They sold their house and moved to the countryside.”
Cold “I need a warm coat because it’s very cold outside.”
Scold “Don’t scold your child for a minor mistake.”
Enfold “She would enfold her children in a warm hug.”
Behold “Behold the beauty of the sunset over the ocean.”
Untold “There are untold stories waiting to be discovered.”
Mold “The cheese had developed some mold.”
Child “Every child deserves love and care.”
Wild “They went on a camping trip in the wild.”
Mild “The weather is quite mild today.”
Compiled “He compiled a list of all the necessary supplies.”
Smiled “She smiled brightly when she heard the good news.”
Filed “She filed the important documents in a folder.”
Styled “She styled her hair in a trendy new way.”
Defiled “The beautiful park was defiled by graffiti.”
Exiled “He was exiled from his homeland for his beliefs.”
Piled “The books were piled high on the shelves.”
Heart “Her heart swelled with joy at the sight of her family.”
Part “Being apart from loved ones can be difficult.”
Start “Let’s start the project right away.”
Chart “He created a chart to visualize the data.”
Smart “She’s not only beautiful but also incredibly smart.”
Depart “The train will depart in five minutes.”
Apart “They lived in apartments on different floors.”
Art “The museum features a diverse collection of art.”
Restart “You can restart the computer to fix the issue.”
Impart “Teachers impart knowledge to their students.”

Como describir a una persona en inglés (3 ejemplos)

Word “A kind word can brighten someone’s day.”
Heard “Have you heard the latest news?”
Bird “The colorful bird perched on a branch.”
Absurd “The idea of flying without wings is absurd.”
Third “He finished in third place in the race.”
Nerd “She’s a bit of a nerd when it comes to technology.”
Stared “He stared at the painting, lost in thought.”
Inferred “From the clues given, she inferred the answer.”
Deferred “The meeting was deferred to a later date.”
Preferred “She preferred tea over coffee.”
Time “Time flies when you’re having fun.”
Rhyme “This poem has a beautiful rhyme scheme.”
Prime “He was in the prime of his life.”
Climb “They decided to climb the mountain together.”
Sublime “The view from the mountaintop was sublime.”
Chime “The clock began to chime, marking the hour.”
Lime “She added a slice of lime to her drink.”
Crime “The detective was determined to solve the crime.”
Grime “The old building was covered in grime.”
Mime “The street performer was an excellent mime.”
Dream “I had a vivid dream last night.”
Stream “They walked along the peaceful stream.”
Team “Working together as a team, they achieved their goal.”
Extreme “The weather conditions were extremely challenging.”
Scheme “Their scheme to surprise him worked perfectly.”
Supreme “Justice should be impartial and supreme.”
Theme “The theme of the party was ‘retro’ fashion.”
Regime “The new regime brought about significant changes.”
Steam “The steam from the tea kettle filled the kitchen.”
Redeem “He hoped to redeem himself after his mistakes.”
Light “The soft light of the sunset bathed the room in a warm glow.”
Right “Doing the right thing is always important.”
Fight “They had a heated argument, but later they made up.”
Flight “Their flight to Paris was delayed due to bad weather.”
Delight “The children’s laughter filled the room with delight.”
Invite “They decided to invite their friends to the party.”
Height “The mountain’s height was daunting but exciting.”
Sight “The breathtaking view was a sight to behold.”
Insight “His insight into the problem was invaluable.”
Despite “Despite the challenges, they never gave up.”
Live “Live life to the fullest, every single day.”
Dive “He took a deep dive into the clear blue water.”
Drive “She learned to drive when she was eighteen.”
Strive “They strive for excellence in everything they do.”
Survive “In the wilderness, they had to survive on their own.”
Five “They counted to five before starting the game.”
Hive “The bees built their hive high in the tree.”
Alive “The miracle of life; she felt so alive.”
Arrive “They waited eagerly for their guests to arrive.”
Revive “His words had the power to revive her spirits.”
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