17 Interesting Speech Topics for School

We all have probably encountered or are encountering the well-known “Speeches”, which have no other purpose than to present a topic to a specific audience, so that they can listen and learn. There are many people who find it easy to present a simple topic in front of a group of people, as well as those who really find it a bit more complicated.

There is a link with these two types of exhibitors and it is that both require searching for information on a specific topic, which is a universal problem, since the most difficult part of an exhibition is to search for a topic according to our needs and, in turn, to research about this topic.

Therefore, here are 17 Interesting Speech Topics to present in 5 minutes if you want with examples to solve this problem, as they are simple topics and at the same time, sophisticated enough for any level of learning, not to mention that being known topics, you will have at your disposal enough information to create a complete speech.

1.- Sexuality in teenagers

Interesting Speech Topics
A topic to talk about in an exhibition.

This is the perfect topic for a high school, where hormones are at their peak and curiosity is the predominant factor and topic among young people. The main idea of this topic is that there are millions of forums and internet sites dedicated to explaining every factor of sexuality in teenagers, therefore, taking into account what was mentioned at the beginning, it becomes an ideal topic for any free exhibition.

Sexuality and the growth process in teenagers normally begins between 12 and 15 years of age, therefore, it is a topic with which young people who begin to make expositions normally feel identified, therefore, speaking in public will become much easier (even though it is a somewhat self-conscious topic).

2.- Contraceptive methods

Interesting Speech Topics

The necessary information to have an active and safe sexual life through contraceptive methods is always a topic that will be accepted by teachers and also will give extra points when choosing an important topic for the basic knowledge of sex at this stage. Although it is a taboo subject in some educational institutes, it will be of great help to spread the word and clarify the vital importance of contraceptives, therefore, it is the perfect subject.

3.- Global warming

Interesting Speech Topics

Global warming is a topic that will always hit the target, as it encompasses the high pollution of greenhouse gases in conjunction with other dominant factors. Undoubtedly, a topic from which much can be gained, as it brings in turn other issues of common interest.

4.- Nutrition and good diet

Interesting Speech Topics

Good nutrition can be presented both at a beginning level of learning, as well as in a university, therefore, it has an impressive scope. Nutrition has a strong impact on our day to day lives, therefore, having an idea of how it should be done correctly is a fundamental factor when finding a suitable topic to present.

5.- Gender diversity

Interesting Speech Topics

Being one of the most controversial topics to talk about in recent times, gender diversity is mostly the new way of looking at modern societies and respect towards other people, therefore, it is necessary to have basic guidelines on what gender diversity means, which thanks to the current social evolution, has had a strong impact.

6.- Alcohol abuse

Interesting Speech Topics

The abuse of alcoholic substances is the way in which a person tends to exceed the recommended alcohol consumption in order not to have complications. The laws of each country are different on this issue, as to the appropriate age to consume alcohol, however, most have as a condition that it is between 18 and 21 years old.

However, these laws are not always respected and talking about this topic can be beneficial, since it can promote the reduction of accidents and inappropriate behavior in public that can be caused by ignorance of this topic.

7.- Drugs and other substances

Interesting Speech Topics

Drugs themselves and illegal substances cause a strong impact on the central nervous system and in some cases on the peripheral nervous system. These substances are responsible for changing the usual and socially accepted behavior of a person, for another if not totally different, changing during the duration of the process. Because of this, an expository topic about the types, differences and reactions that drugs have on the organism, as well as the consequences of taking them, are the perfect combination for an adequate explanatory topic.

8.- Pollution of seas and ways to counter it

Interesting Speech Topics

Internationally, the seas are being polluted indiscriminately and it is estimated that, within a few years, there will be more plastic than marine species in the seas, therefore, it is an alarming problem of which there is a wide range of information, with respect to preventive measures and in turn, the solutions that are being given to counteract this painful effect.

9.- The cleanest energy on the planet

Interesting Speech Topics

The cleanest energy on the planet is undoubtedly nuclear energy, which, by means of a concentrating core, manages to provide the energy needed to supply a wide range of distances. At the same time, nuclear power has a few complications, not to mention the health risks involved. However, with the necessary measures (which we should not be missing in your presentation), it can be one of the alternatives for the future.

10.- Endangered animals

exposiciones sobre el tigre de bengala

Currently, millions of species are threatened with extinction (for example, the Bengal tiger shown in the image), therefore, the idea of knowing exactly what are the causes, measures and options to prevent these events, is a sublime idea to make known through the exhibition information of great importance, recorded and specified in greater detail in different websites dedicated to the explanation and the scope that would give, the solutions to the problem.

11.- Internet and jobs of the future

explicar como trabaja un freelancer

Traditional jobs that require a physical presence are becoming obsolete in the face of the new option of moving from a boring office to the comfort of our homes. This has to do with the well known Freelancers, which are people who have internet jobs with flexible schedules and can be done from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

This topic is perfect for a free exhibition theme because it has taken off among job options and it is possible that there will come a time when people will prefer these alternatives over a traditional option.

12.- Hypochondriacs, the pleasure of being medicated

Interesting Speech Topics

One of the most chameleon-like and ignored disorders that affects a great number of people worldwide is precisely the need to self-medicate necessarily for imagining that one has some disease, or for the simple reason of feeling certain security in doing so. A good topic for a speech would be to explain the reasons to avoid addiction to medications, since these hypochondriacs, by not self-medicating, will begin a state of abstinence in which the person will not be able to bear the temptation or the relief he/she will feel when taking another medication… serious.

13.- Video game-based learning

Interesting Speech Topics

Videogames are, as the name itself says, moving images with which you can interact and control in order to tell a story or simply do a specific action to overcome objective after objective, an excellent topic to present in class. At this conceptual point, we see that in itself, video games have a hidden potential within their colorful images and compelling stories, and is the fact of maximizing its qualities as a method of learning and not only as a recreational method, implying that the background that lies beyond the original story, gameplay or other basic aspects should be taken advantage of.

14.- Pop Culture

Interesting Speech Topics

Pop culture is that contemporary culture made or accepted by the masses, being the total of ideas, opinions, tastes and perspectives that a society in general has. Also, it is that which has a genesis in its source of inspiration through a particular culture, in this case, Western culture mainly from the twentieth century to the present. This can be from historical events, political and media influences, comics, social networks, collective ideas of social revolution, among others.

15.- Music evolution

Interesting Speech Topics

Music has evolved through the ages in a masterful way, giving a range of possibilities to choose from, in its due ideological concept, from what moment the evolution of music as such could begin, going from the beginnings of humanity, or from the 17th century, among many other options. Music, since its discovery, has always gone towards an increasing direction, therefore, to say that its evolution is given until today, is absurd. This results in an incredible topic that everyone will feel identified with when it comes to talk about it.

16.- Evolution of cinema since its creation

Interesting Speech Topics

Like the previous topic, although it is not as old as music, cinema or seventh art is the pinnacle of art visualization in its maximum expression, which likewise, adapts over the years and is renewed every minute. Therefore, there is an immense variety of information to create a good theme of free exposure based on this topic, within which, we all have had some favorite that we see without even thinking about it.

17.- Mental disorders and how to recognize them

Interesting Speech Topics

It has been proven that most people do not have a basic or rather too instinctive (or even stereotyped) notion of what mental illnesses or mental disorders refer to, therefore, a topic that helps to know their facets, meanings, types, symptoms and so on, would help greatly to raise awareness and to have the basic tools to help and avoid incidents or misunderstandings.



In most cases, the topics for the speeches are chosen to give an understanding of a specific problem, information or theme, therefore, having a guide with which these topics are listed is a benefit provided by this article, with the advantage of being topics of common interest, known and of a wide range of information available to anyone.

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