200 Best Name Ideas for Girls Teams

The name… the search for any name is always a metaphorical labyrinth. The moment of selecting the name for your team is extremely decisive, since the first impression you express will depend on it. The names must always keep the authenticity and the touch of originality that your team or your group has; all teams and groups have features that characterize them and build their personality, so you must be very perceptive so that your name denotes that detail and encloses everything you want to show with your team. Here we bring you 200 Best Name Ideas for Girls Teams.

Below is a wide variety of names that you can use for different teams:

Name Ideas for Girls Teams

Names for girls’ sports teams:

Generally we want to emphasize in our names characteristics of speed and strength that generate impact on the opponent and the public. Of course, this will depend on the sport you do. To achieve this objective, the words that make up your name must be related to very clear images that are analogous to the personality of your team. The more creative your team’s name is, the more effective the dynamics you want to develop in games and competitions will be.

Of course it will depend on the sport you do, for soccer the most important image is speed, for basketball the speed and the amplitude of the jump is involved, for swimming the image must be connected with the agility in the water, therefore it includes speed and body poise. Thus with each sport we can establish an image that relates our sport with the greatest characteristic that will lead us to victory.

Name Ideas for Girls Teams

For other people it is more important that the name declares the victory, without paying much attention to the fact that the name contains an image of the activity they perform. They only want to express that their team will be the winner of what they participate in. In short, we can see a wide and extensive range of multiple names that will help you get yours.

FirehawksLady Leopards
Pink Magic   Pink Panthers  
The Flaming PinkAmazonian
LunachicksRed Hots
Chick CliqueDaisy Dukes
Femme FataleGirl Gang
Get It GirlsShe Devils
Mean GirlsThe Furious FivE
GreasePussy Cat Dolls
EarthlingsGemini Gems  
Pluto’s Little Angels  Silver Satellites
Venus FiresVenusians
Hot VadersJupiter Jets
Out of This WorldsPlanet Champs
Space Babes   Star Trekkers     
Lil CutiesMy Boots
Rainbow WarriorsSparklers
Queen Bees  La Femme
Slick ChicksDefenders
Speeding CometsEarthlings
Lunar LadiesSaturn Surfers
Twinkle StarsToo hot for the Sun
Lil’ DivasSaturn Space Hawks
Tasmanian SunsMars All-Stars
Rock StarsFly girls Kiss
VipersHustlin’ Honeys
Lady LovesCheetah Girls
Dumbledore’s ArmyAsteroid Angels
Pink WarriorsShooting Stars
Fusion girlsThe Rack Attack
FembotsBirds of Prey
FemforceGraceville Oilers
Astronaut DivasNosy Nebulas
UnicornsGreen Aliens
Neptune NoodlesSmart Stars
Venus Fly Traps

Name Ideas for Girls Teams

Spanish names for girls teams


The names in another language often generate greater authenticity and in turn generate in the viewer and in the opponent a certain intrigue to know the meaning it holds. It is a type of shield to protect oneself or to generate greater expectation. Below, we will share with you a list of names for women’s teams in Spanish.

Mujeres Relámpago  Cometas  
Cobras Doradas  Las Divas Del Balón  
Arsenal Rosa  Furia De Unicornio
Panteras AzulesÁngeles Veloces
Sirenas victoriosasLas Rebeldes Del Balón
Muñecas DeportivasLas Depredadoras
Señoras Pumas  Proyectiles
El Gran CiclónEstrellas Fugaces
Turbinas FemeninasGrandes Espartanas
Impacto FemeninoLibélulas Doradas
Aguilas De Fuego  Furia Rosa  
Viboras Doradas  Las Hienas  
Las Diablas fugaces  Fusión Femenina  
Guerreras Rosadas  Las Doncellas De Oro  
Gacelas  Cebras Veloces  
Mujeres Galácticas  Rayos De Luz  
Furia Femenina  Tormenta Salvaje  
Las Cobras Negras  Leonas De La Montaña  
Guerreras Rosadas  Súper Chicas  
Ultra Violetas  Destellos de fuerza
Estrellas De Plata  Las Centauros
Atletico ElectraDamas Lunares
MujeresProBambinas Doradas  
Grandes VikingasGolondrinas
Bombarderas  Soles Nacientes
Las trepadorasLas Diosas Del Balón
Bolas De FuegoCiclones Rosa
Las GladiadorasDepredadoras
EmperatricesDemolición Femenina
Las Reinas Del BalónSirenas Traviesas
Divas DinamitaFuerza Femenina
Las IntocablesJugada Real
Las GalácticasDepredadoras Azules
Leonas De La SierraDivinas Mosqueteras
Fusión SalvajeBurbujas Azules
VengadorasMujeres Radioactivas
Truenos Sin frenoLas Gigantes De Acero

Names for female WhatsApp groups:

In these modern times different feminist, cultural, and even sports movements are generated by these social networks, it is important to maintain the care and creativity for the authentic choice of your name. In this case we will share with you different names of feminist groups mainly of WhatsApp or some other social network:

Only girls  Girls to power
LITTLE ONESGirls everywhere
All for oneYour boyfriend’s favorites
RecklessGirls on fire
Name Ideas for Girls Teams

Names for fitness girl groups:

GOING for it! Gym girls
Tasty Ones Exercise Mission
You can do it all TeamBODY
PURECardio Goddess bodies
Explosive bodies The most fitness

Names for family women’s groups:

Women against the world The Ones Who Know
Just us   The circle
Heads of household The oracle
GOODGIRLS The safe place
The beautiful ones Advisers
Name Ideas for Girls Teams

Names for groups of mothers and single mothers:

I love my children MomAvailable
Not for men Team closed case
The blessed ones My daughter and me
Wise is Mom I can alone
Lots of ovaries School mothers
The Indomitable Ones Mother and Woman
Mothers of family Wise Mothers

Now that you have a wide range of names, you can explore with the different images and sounds to generate your own, don’t forget that the name will be the first impression you give, so take all the time you need until you find out what your team or group is called.

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