Arrow Symbols ⇴ ⇜ For Nicks (COPY & PASTE)

In this Post we are going to see all the symbols of arrows that there are and we are going to see examples of how they can be seen in your Nickname, and the best of all is that you only must give copy and you go to your game (Free fire. CS GO or another that allows you to modify the name with special characters) and paste it.

Some Examples of Arrows and how your Nick can be seen

(ಥ﹏ಥ)➠NICK➧➴ NICK ↜

Gamers’ favorite arrows


Other Arrows You can add to nicks







⟻⟼⟽⟾⟿⤴⤵⬅⬆⬇📤📥🔀🔁⟺ ⭁ ⭋ ⥳ ⭊ ⭂

⭀ ⫸ ⫷ ⪢ ⪡ ⸔ ⸕ ⪼ ⪻ ⋙ ⋘ ⥺ ⥷ ⭏ ⭎ ➾ ⥥

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