77 Best Interview Skill Questions (& Answers)

Skill questions are questions that are immersed in a questionnaire, which are generally applied to people interested in performing a job, with the objective of determining the attitudes that a person who aspires to perform a particular activity has, as well as to measure the knowledge that the applicant has on a subject. Here are 77 Best Interview Skill Questions (& Answers).

Skill questions can also be executed through a face-to-face or virtual interview.

Normally, there are fixed or frequently asked questions that are asked to qualify for a job, as well as other specific skills questions, which will depend on the activity to be performed by the applicant.

On the other hand, there are closed-answer questions, but most of them are open-answer or developmental.

Examples of frequently asked questions


First, here are examples of general questions that can be asked to a job candidate or applicant regardless of the person’s area of performance.

Best Interview Questions Abilities
Could you briefly describe yourself?
A- I am a proactive person with ease in understanding and executing tasks.
Could you briefly narrate your work experience?
A- I worked for 5 years in an electronics company.
How long did you last in your last job?
A- 5 years.
Why did you leave your last job?
A-Because I am looking for professional growth.
What do you consider your greatest virtue?
A- Patience and teamwork.
What do you consider to be your greatest shortcoming?
A- I am always in search of perfectionism.
What is your favorite color and why?
A- green represents the color of health, hope and well-being.
Which human value do you feel best describes you?
A- Perseverance.
Which character in the story do you identify with?
A- Abraham Lincoln.
What do you aspire from a work environment?
A- harmony and understanding so that the work is done optimally.
What would be your ideal job?
A- One that challenges me on a constant basis.
What salary do you aspire to earn each month?
R-Between USD 500 and USD 1000 per month.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
A- Practicing my profession in your company.
Do you consider yourself computer literate?
A- Yes.
What would you do when you retire?
A- Rest and start my own business.

Examples of specific questions

Now we present a categorization of trades and professions in which you can find a series of skill questions according to the particular fields of performance that may exist, it is worth noting that the selected professions and trades were taken without any special reason.

Best Interview Questions Abilities
Do you know how to jump rope?
How many minutes of warm-up do you perform?
Which sport do you consider your specialty?
How many years of experience do you have in the above mentioned sport?
Have you attended international, national or regional competitions?
Of the competitions you have entered, how many have you won?
How many hours do you usually train?
How long did you stay in your last sports club?
In what part of the body was the last injury you suffered while practicing sports?
How much downtime did your last injury leave you with? 
What type of cuisine is your specialty?
What is your specialty dish?
Do you prefer to work with red or white meats?
Briefly describe. What steps do you usually follow?
Indicate: How do you prepare rice?
What preventive measures to avoid accidents do you take in the kitchen?
List: What are the basic sanitary measures to be taken in a kitchen?
Do you have experience with baking?
Which dessert is the easiest for you to prepare?
At how many degrees does water boil?
Briefly describe. What is an accounting period?
Do you operate basic computer programs?
Do you know what a cost table is?
Do you know how to make a digital chart?
What is the difference between debit and credit?
What are taxes?
What are tributes?
What is an audit?
How do I register a purchase?
How is a sale recorded?
What is inflation in economics?
What is freedom for you?
What is the Rule of Law?
What are Human Rights?
What are the Fundamental Rights?
What is justice for you?
Describe the basic process of a trial?
Define, what is litigation?
In the legal field, what is arguing?
In a lawsuit, what is the party and the counterparty?
In the criminal area, what is the role of a witness?
What is an academic curriculum?
What is an academic objective?
What is lesson planning?
What is a curricular adaptation?
What is the function of the activities assigned to the household?
What is a lapse or academic period?
What is a group activity?
What are the classroom rules for?
What is the function of recreation?
What subject do you consider you teach most easily?
How long is a class recommended?
What is the importance of project planning in engineering?
Are you willing to implement creativity in your projects?
What do you consider to be the competencies of a civil engineer?
What equipment do you consider necessary to perform your job to the best of your ability?
What is a circuit?
What is an electrical resistance?
What are Newton’s laws?
From your point of view, do engineers need to update their knowledge?
What is the purpose of measuring the inclination of a structure?
What special attributes should an engineer have?
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