100 COOL Nicknames for a Cousin Girl

Most of the time our cousins become just another sister. We laugh with them, cry with them, spend unforgettable moments with them and they even become our most trusted confidants. Between you and your cousins, you probably make a lot of jokes and, of course, give each other a lot of nicknames. That’s why we bring you the list of 100 COOL Nicknames for a Cousin Girl, the ones you love so much.

When choosing a nickname for your cousin, it should reflect all the memories and experiences you have with her, combined with a bit of humor and tenderness so that the nickname generates the special connection you are looking for.

That is why in this post, we will show you classified by physical and social categories, the best nicknames for cousins, so you can find the one that best suits the moments you have spent with that wonderful special confidant.

Affectionate nicknames for cousins

100 COOL Nicknames for a Cousin Girl.

We all need good nicknames for our cousins that make them feel special and loved, don’t let these little things go unnoticed.

My confidantBabyboo
Minnie me (especially if your cousin is younger than you)Princess
My favoriteQueen of my heart
PrimsisterSparky (special for that energetic cousin)
My accompliceMelon heart

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Candy CandyLady Marmalade (special if your cousin has any hint of being famous or looks like Pink)
SweetheartChests of secrets
Bestie (because besides being your cousin, she is your best friend)Baby doll
My sweetieTootie
My favorite girlMy little sister

Nicknames for cousins with a funny meaning

100 COOL Nicknames for a Cousin Girl.

Want a funny nickname for your cousin? You can use the following nicknames and have fun with them (making fun in a healthy way too).

Demon (because she is the cousin who coaxes you out)Kami (contraction of kamikaze, for your cousin who is more launched than a missile)
ToxiquinThe Worshipful One
Zoboomafoo (has more stripes than a lemur)Soft toy
My crazy ladyBrakeless car
MimiLittle Turtle
TreasureBone head (if your cousin is a little bit dumb)
Walking zombie (don’t take this cousin out to party because the next day she won’t be able to live her life)Pony

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Princess without a prince (so you encourage her to get a suitor soon)Tootsie Roll
Ann (contraction for annoying)Queen bee
Baby sharkBambi
The skullCrazy cousin
KittyLoose tooth (in case your cousin has some problems with her teeth)
Pizza Face (it may sound a bit cruel but it’s funny)My piggy

Nicknames for cousins based on their physical characteristics

100 COOL Nicknames for a Cousin Girl.

Physical characteristics will always be an important reason to impose nicknames. We all have voluptuous cousins, short, tall, etc., and here we show you the best nicknames for them.

PopcornButterfly (for your elegant cousin who fills life with color)
My big girlDiva
Sky eyesGoldilocks
Little MonkeyTropical bomb
My fatty ladyOlive (perfect for your beautiful but small cousins)

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Angel Face (when your cousin has such a beautiful face and also becomes an angel for you)Megamind (for your big forehead cousin)
SuperfitKim Kardashian (you can imagine why)
Family Barbie (because you know your cousin is beautiful)Favorite dwarf
WhalyLooks Carrier
FreckledMy bear

Nicknames for a group of cousins girls

100 COOL Nicknames for a Cousin Girl.

Better than a cousin is undoubtedly a group of cousins. It is from this super nexus that come unforgettable moments that mark our lives. Craziness, advice, adventures and more… it’s time to give them the best nickname for this family group.

Super girlsThe family terror
The superstarsCousinsx
Suicide SquadSisters from another mother
The original onesThe neighborhood girls
Grandma’s girlsSuper team

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Mega cousinsWalking beauties
ConfidantsThe mermaids
The war squadThe anxious ones
The conquerorsHuggies
The LizziesThe girls of love

Less common nicknames for cousins

100 COOL Nicknames for a Cousin Girl.

We will find allusions to new trends and nicknames for cousins in other languages.

Mi favorita (My favorite in Spanish)Madam Curie (for your cousin the scientist)
Cugina (cousin in Italian)Código Rojo (Code red, for your redhead cousin)
Bractic (cousin in Croatian)Cariño (Sweetheart in Spanish)
La mejor (the best in Spanish)Cousine (cousin in French)
Oneesan (older sister in Japanese)der Vetter (cousin in German)

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Giving a great nickname is a way to express the bond you have with your cousins. Beyond their virtues and flaws they are your blood and are there for you, when you need them most, so make sure they always know how much you adore them.

If you want to choose one of our nicknames for funny cousins, make sure no one is offended in the process. Humor is subjective, and what’s funny to one person may be hurtful to another. If at any point it seems like your cousin is uncomfortable with the nickname you’re giving her, don’t tell her anymore and make up another one. If you have another nickname for our list let us know in the comments.

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