200 Good Ideas for Spotify Music Playlists

Music, the universal language, generates debate and is responsible for uniting all generations, causing hundreds of similar feelings in millions of people. With these examples of names for Spotify Music Playlist we will adapt to any situation, because it accompanies us in every moment of our life, good or bad, possibly the only taste we all have in common, of course with the particularity regarding each genre. Maybe this is the reason why there are so many ways to listen to it, buy it or download it, with all its wide repertoire and its millions of options.

For this reason, playlists were invented, which is nothing more than the organization of all the songs we like by genre or the feeling they transmit; they are even developed to be used in a specific action.

As always, the name is key at the time of making it, since the title alone should convey what we can get when we play them. Applications like Spotify encourage users to share their playlists, and no one will listen to yours if it doesn’t catch their attention. Even if fame is not your goal, you will thank us after baptizing your creation with one of these original names.

Names for Playlist Aesthetic

Falling in love.
Just let me adore you…
Crazy love songs
Kind, intelligent and beautiful.
Waiting for u.
Be yourself.
Dancing with a stranger.
Me, myself and i.
Love in the air.
Thank u, next
I saw you in my dreams
Lonely lonely night
My anxiety is chronic but this ass is iconic
I wanna ruin our friendship
Counting stars

Names of Playlist For Housework 

The manual of rules for cleaning the house properly – invented by us – indicates that you need music to do this job properly. The songs vary depending on the generation, but the one thing that remains firm is that they have to be energetic to make the floor shine.

To clean even his memory.
Songs to dance sensually while you are scrubbing the bath.
Master Chef.
Themes for washing as the new Whirlpool Impeller 3000.
To cook like Gordon Ramsay.
Making it shine like karate kid.
Music for dancing with the broom.
Songs to gossip to your heart’s content.
Hard to mop.
Clearing bad vibes from my ex.
Full volumen.
Hope mode.
For mopping.
Themes to make you feel like Cinderella, but without the prince.

Playlist Names for Latin rhythms


The diverse genres of Latin American culture are internationally known and admired. Their main characteristic is that they motivate you to move and give it all on the dance floor, although we know that most of them are not easy to dance, it is impossible not to want to try.

Life is a carnival.
In honor of the songs that were not perreated by the coronavirus.
Caribbean blood.
Down to the floor.
Songs to feel like I’m cheating on my imaginary boyfriend.
Violent flow.
Bad vibes down and self-esteem all the way up.
Salsa, but not for pasta.
Even Shakira doesn’t pull off these moves.
Songs to take out the forbidden steps.
Banned dancing moves.
The neighborhood backs me up.
Sun, sand and beach.
Songs to listen to when your parents are away.

Playlist Names for Spite

For those moments when love betrays us, both real and expectant, or just want to spend a good time with friends sharing a beer. If you develop these possible titles, the night will be interesting.

Remembering my ex.
One more and we’re off.
For your damn love.
They didn’t break my heart, they crushed it.
Songs of a grieving woman.
I need my best friend.
Music to forget.
For when I get cheated.
Songs to cry for your ex who is not your ex.
I’m not drunk, I’m getting started.
Hand me another bottle!
Not again.
Like Yuri in the damn spring.
Hi, it’s me again.

Relationships: Romantic, Friendship and Self-Respect

Love, the feeling that surrounds all our relationships. Of course , it goes hand in hand with music. To dedicate to others or to yourself, these playlists have potential.

Songs to suffer for a forbidden love.
Happy and single, in love with life.
Objective: to fall in love to dedicate these great songs to you.
Forbidden to dedicate to your 3 month old boyfriend/girlfriend.
The moon, the stars and your smile.
To dedicate to my crush when he listens to me.
Songs to boost self-esteem.
Great songs to dedicate to your bbf.
To feel powerful and indomitable, before the party.
Themes to represent the Pixar logo.
Songs to get out of the friendzone.
Songs that keep you from calling your ex and losing dignity.
Tunes to break the tension.
To laugh with your bestie until 3am.
If she/he doesn’t fall in love with this, let her/him go.
The hottest night
To show the phosphorescent bracelet.
No more sad songs.

Playlist Fandoms


As representatives of different fans, we know how important playlists are to enjoy our favorite artist and nothing else. There are even songs or melodies that remind us of a certain movie, book or series in particular. That’s the power of music.

Soundtrack películas de superhéroes.
Feeling the 5th Harmony.
Queen: Beyonce.
Kpop Kingdom.
It´s Britney, Bitch.
Themes for mastering wizardry as Hermione.
Powerful lyrics to await the return of 1D.
Soundtrack to feel like you’re in the battle of the millennium: Avengers vs Thanos.
In a forest, looking for Edward Cullen.
Who said I was an angel?
Songs to move like Michael Jackson.
Mean girls.
I want to break free.

Sad or Discomfort Moments

As we mentioned at the beginning, music not only accompanies us in the good times, it is also there in the loneliest, saddest or angriest moments (the best friend we could wish for, right?). And nothing cuts the motivation of an emotional drama like a happy song coming out. So organize your music in the calm moments to let the storm out with an original playlist.

Negative + negative= positive.
Slash my wrists or let them be?
Crying in the club.
Crying with style.
Mother is not the one who begets, mother is the one who I will break you.
Songs to cry for your ex.
Great songs when my heart is shattered.
Loving you had consequences.
Song for not insulting people.
Human stupidity is endless.
Washing myself from the inside out.
Murder is illegal, this playlist does not.
Little topics to calm down and not hit anyone.
I have questions for you.
Mental boxing.
Existential crisis.
Sad songs to make you feel sadder: Part 1.
Songs for distress.
Calm your anxiety.
It´s 3am & I miss u.
Soundtrack to cry dramatically.
Just hug me.

Playlist Names for Fitness & Sports

Music gives the final touch to any activity, but definitely the one that must have a soundtrack if or if, is to exercise. Put a good name to the organization of your songs to put you as a Calvin Klein model.

The dark side
Mr. Muscles.
To exercise like Rambo.
Don´t judge me.
Sasha fitness mode.
Move your body.
To fight with style like Bruce Lee.
Spirit, the muscular, powerful and indomitable horse.
Steel legs.
Rolitas to sweat to your soul.
Magnificently colossal, extravagant and animalistic.
Badass power.
Tires? The ones on the car.
No pain, no gain.

Playlist Names for Travel


We all have songs that convey a particular feeling and transport us to another place, another time. Therefore, develop these names to walk down the street, home, beach or mountain with the best style of Hollywood movies.

Traveling with style.
Party On.
To walk imposing.
Photo session.
Empowered and fabulous.
Coming out of the cave.
Driving away.
Day out with friends.
Cool for the summer.
Songs to make you feel fast and furious.
Mentally on a plane to Europe.
Songs to feel like you’re on mission impossible 4.
Mix for your triumphant entrance to Hogwarts.
Songs to dance in the bathroom like Joker.
Powerful mix to drive and not crash by changing it.
Songs to feel like in a videoclip.
Horror movie in the woods.
Catwalk in Milan.
Playlist for the apocalypse.
Great songs to dance like a stripper.
Mix 666.
From tik tok to the world.
Music for travel.

Early Music

This category includes any song from at least 5 years ago. Include the ones that remind you of your adolescence, childhood or your parents’ particular dance, they are playlists to remember and sing at the top of your lungs.

Moon walk
Tribute to my father: Ozzy.
Old school.
Like father, like son.
Quality control.
Are u ready for this?
Daddy issues.
Back to 2015.
Time machine.
Pass it by infrared.
It’s karaoke time!
If you don’t know them, we can’t be friends.
Remembering is living.
Songs to dance like your parents.
My sister’s stolen playlist.
Sad memories of a happy past.
What could have been…
The old reliable ones.
Midnight memories.
Better days
To feel like in a 90’s disco.
Songs for unique and different people.
I don’t know what it says, but it sounds cool.

Studying and Working

Quietness is appreciated, but in some cases silence can be deafening. It is good to maintain a balance, to be motivated but not to be deconcentrated.

In search of a university degree.
Alpha Waves.
Motivating knowledge.
Just chilling.
Great songs to release tension and stress.
Learning English.
Get Einstein’s IQ with these songs.
Motivation to work like a beast.
Slowed down music.
Mentally on the beach.
Nature, ocean and peace.
In honor of Mozart.
Waiting room.
Music for work.
More zen than a Buddhist.
No mom, not with the bat.
Concentrate or die.
Dreaming of my mansion with a pool.
Study, world travel doesn’t pay for themselves.
Concentrate, do not have to cheat.
Study method: tears, music and coffee.
Brain food.
Thinking of you… house with pool.
Like a boss.
Time to study.
The home blender helps you study (electronic music).
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