100 Funny Nicknames for Bald People

Baldness is a human condition caused by the pathology known as alopecia, which is basically the weakness of the hair follicles which translates into abnormal hair loss, affecting the scalp but can also occur in other parts of the body such as eyebrows, eyelashes and armpits.

Bald or alopecic people are often mocked by others, as baldness is traditionally associated with age and other factors, that’s why today we bring you 100 nicknames for bald people.

Nicknames for bald people:

100 Funny Nicknames for Tall People

Johnny SinsPing Pong
Bowling HeadLex Lutor
Ball HeadHomer Simpson
BulbBalloon Head
Full MoonGlass Ball
AangStewie Griffin
Dominic TorettoCasper
Big HeadVoldemort
Golf BallHumpty Dumpty
Egg HeadSunny
Open fieldYamamoto Genryūsai
SquidwardMadarame Ikkaku
Ten Shin HanShrek
Deckard ShawElmer Fudd
Bald RodPhil Collins
BaldieLanding Strip
Arjen RobbenOlive Head
Master RoshiWide Front

As a curious fact, baldness is one of the most common conditions of life and with countless treatments but with no definitive or lasting cure. Continue reading our list of nicknames.

Zinedine ZidaneKrusty
Glowing HeadVarys
IniestaBald Eagle
Hard-Boiled EggThree Hairs
ShaolinMelon Head
Charlie BrownWalter White
Rising SunPrison Break
MorpheusRound Head
Billiard BallNappa
Dr. EvilBaldy
Bullet HeadReceding
Skin HeadHobbs
Bruce WillisNo Dandruff
Bald-PatedCharles Xavier
Clear On TopRecruit
Match HeadTennis Racket
Nicknames for bald people.

100 Best Nicknames for Colored and Black Friends

Clear AreaInfinite Forehead
Marble HeadJ-Mac
Perfect CircleFresh Head
Desodorante roll-onNail Head
HairlessWalking Planet
Mowed LawnOogway
Apple HeadMegamind
Rick HarrisonEfiartes
Vic VanceJerjes
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