100 Hilarious Nicknames for Big Foreheads

Well, we all have friends who possess a prominent, not to say “very large” forehead.  Now let’s imagine this situation: Your friend decides to start talking trash at the friends’ barbecue despite having a forehead the size of Russia. So now you have to shut him up and the best way to do it is to take advantage of his peculiar physical feature. But after a lifetime of mocking his forehead with one and another and another nickname, you may have emptied your repertoire.

Hang on… Next up here at Procrastina Fácil we’re here to provide you with some piercing ammunition. We present to you the 100 Hilarious Nicknames for Big Foreheads:

funny nicknames for someone with a big head

Full MoonTruck
Red QueenRihanna
Cinema ScreenRonaldo
Pure headTeletubbie
Cargo trainBombilla
Homer SimpsonWorld map
Jimmy NeutronPotato forehead
Megamind Alien
Squash HeadHammer head
Hilarious Nicknames for Big Foreheads.
Look at this forehead! I bet you could write a whole book there.
Tank head Marble
Explosive foreheadChinese wall
Lex LuthorScrew head
ObeliskHats destroyer
Parachute moldRetaining wall
Landing stripFreeway forehead
Open mindWindshield
Roman ColosseumShrek
Pig foreheadMr. Burns
Stadium foreheadSquare meter
JupiterThe all-knowing
Large facePhil Collins
Closed windowLong Way
Flag SaluteAfrica Savannah
Hotel BalconySmart TV
Person without letterheadGalaxy Forehead
Tough headZinedine Zidane
Sun headCiberforehead
Glossy foreheadBus door
Fantastic foreheadNearby World
The spacious oneBulldog forehead
Beach coconutParking
Big Foreheads.
Bowling foreheadWatchman Monitor
Kim Jong-unMagnifying glass
KratosThe enlightened one
Charlie BrownFormula 1 Track
Bruce WillisKrilin
Charles XavierDesert head
Extinguisher foreheadShip head
Mule foreheadWolkswagen
Big wallForehead
Fifth AvenueMissile head
Rick HarrisonDáin II Ironfoot
Trumpet foreheadHeadbutt
Johnny SinsSergio Ramos
Melon foreheadPumpkin front

Have fun with these nicknames for your big forehead friend, but don’t overdo it!

The recognition of contextual factors are the fundamental aspects of human communication. Nicknames are usually given to a person, taken from his bodily defects or some other circumstance, and on the other hand, it is a joke or funny saying with which a person or a thing is qualified, ordinarily serving as a witty comparison. In the meetings there is never lacking that mocking friend who looks for a picturesque word to highlight an exaggerated physical characteristic or attitude of one of his companions.

Hilarious Nicknames for Big Foreheads.

big forehead nicknames

But we must take care that a nickname on large fronts is respectful and does not cross the line. We should only tease our friends and family with these nicknames but we should be cautious never to intimidate anyone. On the other hand, people with large foreheads should also not feel humiliated by this characteristic as in many cases, it suits them very well and can even be added as an additional characteristic to their personality.

Let’s enjoy friendship, let’s laugh without hurting and let’s always strive for the common good within our friendship or family group. Show off your witty nicknames for big foreheads and turn them into an unforgettable moment of laughter.

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