100 Cool & Funny Nicknames for an Ex-lover

We all have stories related to an ex who, depending on the circumstances, we do not want to call by name, which is why we often resort to improvise nicknames to address that person who may not be very pleasant for us or those around us. So today we bring you 100 Nicknames for an Ex-lover, yes, for that person who shattered your heart but now is just a memory that is best taken with grace.



Some relationships tend to leave traces that can never be erased, such as a toxic relationship, which damages the partners until there is nothing left of themselves. Or long and tortuous relationships that never end simply because of emotional attachment.

The unmentionable Cheater
The nameless Sickness
The forgotten one Forky
Biggest mistake Cocky
Headache Two faces
Master of lies False feelings
Chuky Gigolo
World’s Boyfriend You know who
Heart scar Mommy’s boy
Hypocrite Voldemort
Scar of my memories Jackass
My worst decision Snake
Everyone’s boyfriend Viper
Moved by interest Mr. it’s me
Betrayer Donkey

Regardless of what people may think, it is quite common for old loves to have ended in an abrupt breakup because they were too young to love and that is something that could happen to all of us.

Toxicity Lazy guy
Error Sleepy guy
Expired Flying fly
Mr. No talents Mr. Love for interest
Previous administration False promises
Bad guy Burned cartridge
Kid My summer love
Emotionless Clown
False kisses Zombie
Interested Useless
Dog Eggshell
Pig Bad memory
Truck of lies Mr. Anxiety
Shooting star Mr. Toxic
Bad choice Mr. Suspicion
Nicknames for your ex.

Exes can be a constant reminder of how much romantic relationships can cost, however, it is entirely feasible to think of a failed love as an experience rather than a bump in the road.

Ex-roommate Mr. Wasted time
Former roommate The actor
X Trickster
The Other Simulated love
Immature Bygone
Piggy Quondam
The Great Disappointment Cassanova
Mr. Disappointment Pitbull
The deceased Caveman
Satan MLCM (Mid-Life-Crisis Man)
Dog His Highness
Weasel Asshat
Earthworm Fucktard
Mr. big heart Stalker
Lucifer Mr. three points of view
Behemoth Blast from the past
Beelzebub Old flame
Heartbreaker Scum
Wall stain Animal
System error Hot Mess

It has always been fun to nickname our exes, to find a way to refer to those who once made us happy, but now those memories are in the past. However, it is important to always stay on good terms and cherish the good times you had together.

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