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PDF to Word website which ones are there? PDF to Word website converts the PDF documents uploaded by users online through the platform algorithm server. It can convert PDF files to DOC format without registering or occupying computer storage space. It is so easy to use. Website you don’t want to try? This article recommends some good PDF to Word websites for you.

P dfcandy – PDF to Word

P dfcandy is capable of converting PDF to files in more than 20 formats. In addition to that, PDF Candy provides 47 online tools to work with PDFs, including editing, splitting, merging, compressing, and more.

P dfcandy ‘s PDF to Word function is not only fast, but also very effective, and supports setting it as a Google plug-in, which is convenient for users to open in the future. The only fly in the ointment is that although the website generates free use, it can only provide visitors with the opportunity to download once an hour, which is not completely free.


AbcdPDF – Convert PDF to Word

AbcdPDF is a platform dedicated to solving PDF problems for the world. The PDF to Word tool in the tool aggregation page can substantially solve the problem of users converting PDF to DOC format. Compared with P dfcandy , its processing speed is not so fast, but one thing is far better than P dfcandy , which is completely free to use, even without login and registration.


Jinapdf.com – PDF to Word

Jinapdf.com is an English website. There are 11 online tools on the website. The first one is the function of converting PDF to Word.

The use method is very simple, click first, click “Select File” in the jumped page, and import the local PDF file. Finally, click “Download” to download the file to your local computer. Judging from the processed results, there is no problem, including the results of fonts, typography, and image conversion.


Like AbcdPDF, this is also a completely free PDF to Word website, but its other functions are not as rich as Convert PDF to Word . Of course, this is a digression.

iLovePDF.com – PDF to Word

iLovePDF .com pages is an easy-to-use free online PDF processing tool that supports Dutch. Not only feature-rich but also easy to use, including PDF conversion, merging, compression, watermarking, and more. While the conversion is good, the file sizes supported by each feature of the product vary. The maximum free support is 100M, but PDF to Excel, PDF to Word, PDF to PPT only supports 15M, and free users are limited to 5 tasks per day. The advantage is that the processing effect is better, and the disadvantage is that some functions have a limited number of times. As for whether the fee is reasonable or not, it is a matter of opinion.


PDF.IO – PDF to Word

PDF.IO has a total of 17 online tools, the fourth tool “PDF to Word” is an online tool for converting PDF to Word documents. The operation method is also to upload the document after entering the tool, and then download the document to the local after the document conversion is completed.


Unfortunately, this tool does not work well for some mixed arrangement of graphic content with small intervals, but it is sufficient for most users.


dfcandy , AbcdPDF, Jinapdf, iLovePDF , PDF.IO, are recommended for you , and the advantages and disadvantages of them are compared, and I hope to be able to filter PDF to Word websites for you ‘s reference.

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