The unbreakable records 

Wilt Chamberlin in High School

In the world of sports there are records that marked an era but have endured many attempts to be broken and now seem impossible, indeed people no longer even try to break them because it is a useless task. 

All sports have very complicated records, and much also depends on the era, back then sport was not as we know it today and there were more freedoms, that’s why breaking a record of that magnitude was to some extent normal. 

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Let’s review the unbreakable records of the sports world 

Wilt Chamberlain’s 100 points 


It was on March 2, 1962, when the Philadelphia Warriors basketball player became a superhero and scored 100 points against the New York Knicks. The final score was 169-47, meaning his teammates only scored 69 in the entire game. 

The record is still valid today because scoring more than 40 points is already an incredible game. The closest to this mark was Kobe Bryant who scored 81 in 2006 against the Raptors. The Lakers player was unstoppable that day and didn’t come close to Chamberlain’s mark which seems to be untouchable. 

Obviously, the sport was different and a player like Wilt Chamberlain was different in that era, he used all his physical strength to penetrate the defense of a scrappy Knicks who didn’t know how to stop him. In this era what Kobe did is impressive because it speaks volumes about the late Los Angeles player. 

Ryohei Masuda and the fastest KO in the world 

There have been quick knockouts in boxing, in the first round, Mike Tyson was known for finishing his opponents and not breaking a sweat, but in martial arts it’s more complicated because of the amount of knowledge and skill that goes into it. 

On July 19, 2008, in a mixed martial arts fight, the Japanese fighter knocked out his opponent, Takahiro Kurioshi, in just two seconds to win his bout. Obviously, there was a dose of luck and a lot of strength involved in the blow he landed. 

The Japanese only had a couple more fights before he disappeared, and he didn’t do very well in the others, losing all of them. But his record stands to this day and it seems impossible for anyone to break it. You’d need to knock your opponent out when they’re singing the anthems to get anywhere near it. 

The longest tennis match 


John Isner and Nicolas Mahut played nearly eleven hours in a Wimbledon match in 2010. The match didn’t just break the record for the longest match in the world, several more were included in the package because they played for eternity. 

They started on a Tuesday and due to electrical problems finished on Thursday. Three days of play for a total of 11 hours 6 minutes and 23 seconds. The match was won by the American John Isner, who was eliminated in a later round, maybe it was because he was so tired from such a long match. 

But as we told you, it was not only the record of the longest match, several others were broken. The longest set was played, which lasted 8 hours, more games were played in a set with 138, more games were played in a match with 183, more aces served by a single player in a single match, which was Isner, with 113, between them, they got 216, the most in a match, more points won in a match with 980. What a game.

Most wins for a pitcher  

This record still stands today and looks like it will stand for many years to come. Cy Young had 511 wins in his MLB career and there seems to be no one who can even come close.  

The one who could touch him the most is Walter Johnson with 417, but that is not the most impressive thing, the closest active player is Justin Verlander with 244, too far away from the Cyclone who played for 21 years as a professional. 

MLB itself has already commented that it is very complicated for someone to break it and in the sport, it is considered an unbreakable record, and in the Major Leagues there are several of those because the sport evolved and became more complicated, and the marks of the first era, are unattainable. 

More KO’s in boxing 

You would think that this record belongs to Mike Tyson, but no, the record belongs to Archie Moore, who racked up 131 KO’s in his career, a simply monstrous mark. Archie fought 220 fights and won 186 times, only losing 23. 

This means he had stones in his hands because most of his fights did not go the full 15 rounds that were being fought at the time. So far there is no one close to this mark. He fought from 1935 to 1963, almost three decades, in this era it would be impossible to think that a boxer could reach such a record. 

Besides, he fought up to 6 fights in a month, which puts him at a great advantage over anyone from this era who took months to fight. Boxing was different and could be incomparable, but the mark is still there and will be for a long time to come. 

More seasons in the NFL 


The NFL is one of the most demanding sports because of the amount of hitting that goes on. This shortens the careers of players who sometimes have to retire prematurely due to physical ailments. 

But no one warned George Blanda, who played consecutively for 26 years in the NFL with the Chicago Bears and Oakland Raiders. The player was practically built of metal, plus he was a superstar at the time. 

He was the most valuable player of 1961 and has 3 NFL championships, what George Blanda did is practically impossible in this day and age, when you consider that players don’t play beyond 10 years because the game has become so demanding. 

Which of these do you think will break first, do you know of any others? 

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