80 Hilarious Nicknames for Chubby and Fat Guys

Nicknames are very common among close friends and family, some have a more intimate meaning while others are based on physical or personal characteristics of the person, such as these nicknames for chubby and fat guys.

Psychological caresses

Called psychological caress because it is a stimulus from a living being to another living being, with an intention destined to a certain person that provokes a reaction in the one who receives it.

It is used in everyday life to label people who have body defects or some other circumstance that makes them different in society.

Principle sustained

Having a nickname, either out of affection or mockery, can mark the life of an individual in a unique way. This fact, has negative or positive aspects, depending on the effect it causes, if it produces well-being or on the contrary degrades the personality of the subject.

Positive aspects


It is when an ability, aptitude or intellectual trait is highlighted that reinforces self-esteem and motivates the social integration of the person. These contribute to the formation of a self-image and a high self-concept.

Affectionate nicknames for chubby and fat guys

Big BoyPiggy
The BeastBig baby
Pretty HeavyBeautiful fatty
Jolly barrelBig candy
MiltonBig mon
Big ArmsSexy size
Butter ballChubby princess
Meat ballTeddy bear
Cute fattyCute cake
Rice ballBomb
Giant teddyLovely size
Santa ClausCelestial body
Cotton ballLove bomb
BurgerTasty apple
Steel dietMy beautiful fatty
ChojiTasty watermelon

Negative aspects

They highlight weaknesses and defects, commenting on physical appearance such as skin color, height, weight or the fact of having a deformity. These nicknames can cause pain or embarrassment to the affected person and sometimes cause trauma, destroy self-esteem and alter the personality of the subject in society.

Nicknames for chubby.

Unpleasant nicknames for chubby and fat guys

ButterballHog Fat
Filled OutMooby Dick
Overfed PigCow
Baby ElephantBait Ball
PigFat Potato
Pork ChopTub of Pork
Body BuilderWhopper
Bif LeagueFat Ass
Heavy DutyFatzilla
Fat PigHippo
BarrelExcess Poundage
King KongDiabeetus
Butter KingShrek
CholesterolGym Master
SnorlaxTons Of Fun
Nicknames for fat guys.


When a person tends to be overweight, it can be difficult for the person affected, both physically and emotionally. If you are a person with this characteristic, start by accepting and loving yourself. Now, if you are predisposed to reject or despise your body, seek help, focus on your qualities and those things you do best, set short goals and seek to achieve them. Become aware of your emotions, think positive and begin to modify your behavior.

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