100 Best Nicknames for Colored and Black Friends

A nickname is a name given to a person, inspired by certain physical characteristics or perhaps defects; it can also be applied to animals and things. Sometimes nicknames are mistakenly used to annoy or ridicule someone, although they can also be used (and it is the right thing to do) in an affectionate and funny way. They are generally used among friends, gangs and groups. Their use has become so popular that sometimes they replace the person’s real name, becoming common and familiar, and the person is known only by his or her nickname.

The nicknames can be received positively, be ignored or you can react with anger or rage, depending on the intention of the person who places it, the idea is that depending on the context you use these nicknames for colored and black friends. We never recommend using them on people you have just met.

Here we are going to list 100 nicknames used on black or colored people, these nicknames that have become popular in some places and that may sound funny and affectionate.

Nicknames for black people:

Black PantherBlack Smoke
BlackieBob Marley
Dark SugarBlack Zero
Hot ChocolateMuhammad Ali
Black BullSaffron
CoffeeDarth Vader
Dark KnightBlack Pudding
OreoBlack Stallion
Shadow50 Cent
Mr. EbonyBlack Mamba
DarkieChinese ink
Chocolate BunnyEddie Murphy
Black BearChocolate Cookie
Black HealedYanacona
Michael JordanMr. T
VenomDark Hole
Black FishBlack Ant
Afro GuyMr. Longest Night
Will SmithGhana
nicknames for colored and black friends.
Starless skyBurnt Bread
Michael JacksonNorbit
Unlit tunnelAlien X
Snoop DoggEyed Coke
2PacBlack Death
Well BottomRonaldinho
Terry CrewsEto’o
BrownieNight Shaman
8 BallDark Soul
BlackmanAfrican Vikingo
CJWalking Dirt
Big SmokeBurnt Cake
RyderMr. Popo
SweetMechanic’s Fingernail
Chocolate Ice CreamAsh Tray
Blind Man’s DawnMen in Black
Chinese Guy’s EnvyMbappé
Humble ColorOil Shake
Black MagicBatman
Oil StainBlack Pearl



Although nicknames have been around for a long time, they can be offensive or hurtful, causing psychological damage to people, especially in delicate ages such as childhood and adolescence, since they mark and can damage self-esteem, highlighting defects, disabilities and peculiar characteristics. Due to this, it is preferable to use affectionate, funny nicknames, which do not make others feel bad or uncomfortable, since respect and consideration are the basis of good relationships, therefore, we must always treat others as we wish to be treated ourselves; for this reason it is preferable to have the approval and consent of the people who will be the object of the nickname, and the nicknames should not be disqualifying and much less offensive. If we observe that the other person gets angry or feels hurt with the nickname we assign him/her, we should withdraw it immediately or change it for another one with which he/she agrees, we have to be careful to avoid bothering or hurting the feelings of our fellow men because therein lies the peace and harmony in dealing with the environment.

Nicknames are fun and nice, until they steal joy and security from others, that is why limits and prudence are necessary to achieve harmony in relationships and therefore a healthy coexistence.

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